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Don’t have a website to reach your potential customers in Dhenkanal or Outside Dhenkanal? If you don’t appear on the internet today, then you are blocking your customer’s eyes on your Business. You can grow your Business/company quickly with The Lutetium’s most affordable website design solution. Your clients will actually want to get to your Business from any cell phone and it’s only possible by designing a Website. We are your web design agency at your doorstep – Dhenkanal!

High-quality and responsive web design service!

The Lutetium Website Design Company In Dhenkanal

We at “The Lutetium” are dedicated to the design web pages for your company or business.

We as top website design company in Dhenkanal create and carry out arrangements with genuine outcomes on computerized stages permitting organizations to abuse their maximum capacity on the web.

The design of your website should be one of the most important aspects of the online presence of an internet business. With a proper and manageable website design, you will be able to project just the image you want your customers to see. Now find the top website design company in Dhenkanal.

As Creators

We make all the communication of your project is adapted to the new formats and digital media.

As Consultants

We put at the service of your project all our knowledge so that you can get your message to the desired audience.

Our Goal

Show to clients the potential that the web or internet holds for their business, regardless of how little or huge their business is.

We Believe

In that, the most important tool when designing is to know the recipient of the design and its toning since he is our goal.

As a premium and reputed website design agency in Dhenkanal, we ensure the best quality web design service at reasonable prices to help your business succeed online. Starting from an informational website for a small business or a feature-rich eCommerce Website to enterprise level custom web application development, our website development team is adept at building and enhancing your online identity. Leverage our world-class web development services to catalyze the process of lead conversions for your business.


We would be happy to discuss the project with you in person

Build a Unique Website

We as top website design company in Dhenkanal ensure you

Our web design company plan is the ideal solution for those organizations that want to have on the Internet a letter of introduction of their company and self-manage part of the content of their site, whether their products, services, image gallery, portfolio, or news.

Unique Features

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Service Area

Industries We Serve

Retail & eCommerce


Education & eLearning

Travel & Tourism

Finance & Banking

Technology & Consultancy

Logistics & Transportation

Hospitality & Entertainment



Real Estate

Food & Beverage

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Intensive Website Maintenance Service

We are a web design agency with creativity, professionalism always seeking to maintain an excellent service to our clients. We as top website design company in Dhenkanal keep up to date on web design technologies, and we always maintain excellent communication with our customers, maintaining very close contact to achieve the objectives of companies with the web design service. We know the importance of offering high-quality projects, but it is also very important that our clients always know what part of the process their project is in. We take quality and results very seriously, that is why we always advise our clients to make the best decisions as to what services they should hire.

Here’s a quick glimpse at what you can expect from us:

Plugin Update

Website Content

Platform Migration

Feature & Functionality

Security Check

Speed Optimization

Our Work Process

Every project is unique and we offer tailor-made end results. However, we maintain a precise approach to maximise the success rate. Our agile, results-driven, and transparent work approach has proved its merit in multiple projects:


We conduct a thorough market research, competitor analysis, target audience, and clients’ requirement before starting out with the project. This helps us to properly present the brand personality through all the elements on the website.


We start with creating a user flow map to determine the best navigability of the website. This is followed by wireframing and prototyping that set the overall structure, functionality, and content of the project. Upon the clients’ approval, we move on to the next step.


UI design determines the overall appearance and feel of the website. We adopt the latest trends and use the best colours, visual effects, typography, and animations that suit the brand identity. These determine how the users will perceive and interact with your site.


Next, we implement functionalities to bring the site into life. We offer a comprehensive front and backend web solution with the help of the tech stack like Angular, React, HTML5/CSS3, Node.js, PHP (Laravel, Cake PHP, CodeIgniter), MySQL, MongoDB etc.


Before your site goes live, we thoroughly review the codes, features, and functionalities of the website. That way, we can ensure that the features and functionalities on the websites are glitch-free and it offers a top-notch user experience (UX). 


In case you need to update any functionality or add custom features and conduct a thorough maintenance, we got you covered. We offer an extensive maintenance service including server load monitoring, code back-ups and security audits.

Our Work Process

Every project is unique and we offer tailor-made end results. However, we maintain a precise approach to maximise the success rate. Our agile, results-driven, and transparent work approach has proved its merit in multiple projects:

Great UI / UX

Our designs have great UI which results in great UX as well.

Responsive Design

Our Designs are device friendly across all platforms and screen sizes.

SEO Friendly

Our websites are built with features to help your website rank higher.

Clean Coding

Coding is kept clean and optimised as per industry standard.


365 DAYS


Website Development Services – Frequently Asked Questions

Before engaging our custom website development services, resolve your queries and confusions. We have answered a few frequently asked questions but if you are still left with some doubts, feel free to ask our experts.

A website development cost depends on multiple factors including the complexity of the site, use of technologies, features and functionalities of the site, number of web pages, and so on. We ensure to offer you an industry-standard solution at a competitive rate. Instead of using a generic template we provide tailor-made web solutions for every business, so you can pay for just what you want. If you want to learn the development cost for your specific project, contact us for a FREE quote.

We have multiple trendy technologies at our disposal. Depending on the project requirement, our developers use the right tool. For full-stack projects, we use PHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Angular, React, Vue.js, HTML5, and Java. For CMS and eCommerce projects, we use WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Shopify, etc. If you are inquisitive about the technologies required for your project, discuss your idea with us. We will outline the major technologies required to transform your idea into reality.

We follow SEO guidelines while developing a website and make sure that it is SEO friendly. However, obtaining a high rank on the search engine will demand you to avail search engine optimization service, PPC service, etc. We offer all kinds of digital marketing services, so you can avail these to drive more visibility and traffic to your site. 

Our clients are the sole owners of their business websites. We are only your development partner but your website belongs to you only. We may use the site for our promotional purpose and feature it in our portfolio. This also helps in promoting your business website.

Yes. As a reliable web development company, we strictly adhere to the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) policy. Before carrying out your project, we will sign an agreement with you and maintain data confidentiality during and after the project completion. Your ideas and data are safe with us.

Yes, we develop Progressive Web Application (PWA). The users can install these web applications on their devices’ home screen and access offline. The users can also receive push notifications from PWAs. These are highly in demand in the contemporary digital market.

Yes, we closely work with our clients and encourage them to offer valuable feedback. While developing the website on our server, we’ll provide you with a username and secret code so that you can log in and check the progress of your ongoing project.

Not at all. We work with integrity and transparency. We offer a tailor-made solution and discuss the charges with you even before starting the project. Our websites are highly scalable. So if you want to launch an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and add extra features and functionalities later when your business and budget grows, we will diligently arrange for the same.

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