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Every brand has some unique characteristics that need to be defined by proper use of typography, themes, colors, and more. At The Lutetium, we simplify the process of brand identity design by providing a wide array of corporate branding services tailored to your business requirements. We ensure your business develops a unique identity and stands apart from the competition. We have a passionate team of creative directors, graphic designers, video animators, and project managers committed to providing you with the highest quality of services.

To Create a Voice for Your Company

Wide Array of Brand Identity Design Services

The Lutetium (Lutetium International Marketing Pvt. Ltd.) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, experienced and reputed for delivering exceptional brand identity design services. Our legacy as a brand identity design company extends to 360-degree branding solutions that have been much appreciated by a large global clientele. We provide world-class services to build a unique brand identity for your business. Whether you want to create a stunning logo, corporate presentations, brochure, or business card – we are the one-stop destination for all types of corporate identity design services. 

Logo Design Services

Business logo design is at the very core of business identity and can make or break perceptions about a brand. A logo is the first visual cue, making it an important and effective tool for brand recognition. Logos should be unique, iconic, eye catching, ensure quick recall, and most importantly reflect your business identity. Our unique logo design services strive to deliver an end result that stands out in design, reflects your brand in the best way and triggers instant recall.
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Brochure and Promotional Material

These are the tools that help market your products or services physically to an intended target audience. Customised business brochure, product catalogues, presentation folders could be used to promote your company, products and services. Appearance is important to enhance engagement. If your marketing materials are visually appealing, you can expect a rise in the conversion rate. Our brochure design services ensure the design of promotional materials make the right impression with the right audience.
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Corporate Identity Design

Corporate identity design services helps you establish a visual aesthetic for your business, propagate your unique image further and provide clear separation from competition. It sends a message to your target audience revealing your seriousness about being successful. It invokes trust and gives an idea about the cultural personality of your business. Thus, a consistent corporate identity ensures that a company is remembered and recalled.
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Explainer Video

With a rise in the number of smartphones and an increase in the speed of internet, explainer videos services have grown in demand. Videos provide an all-round understanding of your products and services through audio-visual means, which is much easier for most people to understand and remember. As a leading explainer video company in India, we create business videos that have good production value, are easy to comprehend and helps you attract more customers. This in turn increases your web traffic and ultimately improves conversion rates.
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Corporate Presentations

Presentations are frequently used by corporates to pitch ideas and proposals to their prospective clients in an engaging way. These can bring a boardroom or client meetings alive with smart pictures, attractive designs, and a readable content. Should you want to create attractive corporate presentations with a professional look and feel and make an impact on your audience, we can be of help. We create customized corporate presentations that reflect your brand identity at cost effective rates.
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Custom Illustrations

Custom illustrations are a great way to engage users, as they draw attention and help promote your business through social sharing. This can help in explaining your products, services, offerings and ideas in a visually interesting fashion. The Lutetium's team of illustrators are highly experienced and adept at understanding your requirements. This enables us to deliver the best output for your specifications, helping your business present itself in a better way.
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Check out why The Lutetium is your best bet to receive excellent and comprehensive corporate branding services:

Extensive Research

We start working with a complete understanding of your target audience and value propositions.

Team Work

Our in-house team of illustrators, graphic designers, marketers, and copywriters collaborate to deliver the best possible outcome.

Original and Customized

We don’t believe in generic templates and deliver 100% original and customized solutions.

Brand Consistency

We ensure to maintain your brand niche across all the promotional materials to maximize its potential.


Graphics Designing Services – Frequently Asked Questions

Clear your confusions before engaging our brand identity design services. Below, we will answer some of the frequently asked questions. If you still have some doubts, feel free to consult our experts

Brand identity design is necessary for every business irrespective of its size and scale. Start-ups should invest in this to drive brand awareness in today’s fiercely competitive market.

Brand identity design services include different components. These comprise of logo design, brochure and promotional material design, corporate presentation, and many more. Each comes with a distinct price tag.

At Lutetium, we offer a tailored solution at a competitive rate. Share your requirement with us to get a free quote.

The delivery time depends on the number of deliverables involved in this. Our experienced and diligent team ensures to offer a superb service within a quick turnaround time. Each project is unique and we offer a custom solution to each of our clients. We can reveal an approximate timeframe once you share your project requirement with us. 

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